Aguahara Ibiza 2016

Aguahara in Ibiza this year starts on July 17th and ends on August 6th. For the 5th time we create a community on this magical island to dive deep into the aquatic realms. This will be a three weeks intensive course (3 levels Official Aguahara Course) and will take place in the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The intention is to create a community for the duration of the course, living the whole process together, inside and out of the water. This allows us not only to learn the technique behind this work, but also to experience in depth the potential of Aguahara.
With Alex and Sandra Morell Siebenstern main teachers.

The course will be mainly held in english and Spanish. This is a very special course, as well as learning a technique of waterwork, it is also great opportunity to explore the waters and our being inside and out of the water, creating and providing a space for self-exploration, development and personal growth.
We practice together in the crystal clear and magic waters of Ibiza, living together in nature and sharing our presence and eating delicious vegetarian food. These are some of the information we consider most important. Please no hesitate to ask, if you need to know more.


Normal Price:
 Booking before May 31 Price: 1.130 € (2 weeks) *** 1,650 € (3 weeks)
 Holding after May 31: 1,230 € (2 weeks) *** 1,800 € (3 weeks)
 Price for Helpers: See conditions below
These prices include:
 Classes (Monday to Saturday 4-6 hours daily of practical classes in water and lectures)
 Circle of Sharing and complementary activities
 Printed and certificate
 Foods
 Camping (incl mattress store.)
 Transportation by car to the place of classes and back to camping
notes: If you have a car and are willing to bring and use it to transport the participants during the course you can get a discount (info below)

Prices for residents (no food, no camping, no transport)
 Holding until May 31 670 € (2 weeks) *** 900 € (3 weeks)
 Holding after May 31st: 750 € (2 weeks) *** 1,000 € (3 weeks)
These prices include:
 Theoretical and practical classes
 Circle of Sharing and complementary activities
 Printed Certificate

You’ll have to pay 150 Euros deposit to reserve your space for Training. In case of a cancellation
until May 31, we refund you 75 €. For the cancellation after this date we will keep the entire
deposited fee.

Deposit for:
Sandra Morell González de Aledo
Banks Name: BBVA
IBAN IBAN ES7801822243250208519309
Possibility of payment by PAYPAL (+ 5 €) to account


The course will take place in the magical island of Ibiza, Spain. Our Base camp will be Semillas
de Luz, which is about 9 km from Ibiza in the quiet and relaxing nature of Ibiza. Semillas de Luz is a socio-ecological association that develops in a nice space in the middle of nature. Semillas de Luz offers a community kitchen, dry toilets and simple showers, electricity is supplied with solar energy. Drinking water will be provided by a spring, filtered and purified by Mother Earth. Should you not want to drink this water we can help you to buy botelled water..
If you do not feel comfortable sleeping in a tent, there is a possibility of sleeping in a shared space for 5 € more per day. The idea is living together in Semillas de Luz, creating an intentional, temporary community.

The food will be healthy, vegetarian and fresh local ingredients .The breakfast is prepared
every day by two different volunteers. On Sunday everybody prepares himself a breakfast.
From Monday up to Saturday lunch will be a snack to be consumed on the beach. Dinner, rich
and varied will be offered from Monday to Friday.

If you want to bring your own car, we offer a discount of 90 € a week. If you are one of the drivers
you will be responsible that you and your passengers (your + 3 students) arrive on time to
all classes and back to our base after classes. We require that your car is in good condition,
works well and is clean. Please send us a request with some information about your car.

We created this system to help finding a possibility that the training is affordable for students
who do not have much money. Therefore, if you can pay the normal price, please leave the space
for free helpers for someone in need! Spaces for participants with these characteristics are
limited! Please send your CV with a short text explaining why you need the special price for
helper and if you have some talent or knowledge that we may need during the course. If you
become assistant you will be working for 2 hours a day – especially in the kitchen. You have ito
be aware that the classes need a lot of energy, please be honest with yourself and us and think
before if you have enough extra energy to help. Assistant Price: 450 € (1 week) *** 900 € (2
weeks) *** 1290 € (3 weeks) (Incl Food, camping, car transportation.)
We have 2 places for special assistants to help the day before and the day after the forming,
and help for 14 hours a week. To cover this role we will choose among the assistants who will
participate in the 3-week course. The price is 1,100 € (incl. Food, camping, car transport)

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