How is a Session like?

A Aguahara-Session is a individual Treatment, which is formed in detail by the wishes and needs of the client, as well as by the enviroment and the Aguaharista.
There is no fixed form, but a few markable points and movement-patterns, out of which the choreographie of the session is forming itself. A Aguahara-Session is like a dance of the three participants: the client, the aguaharista and the water.

In the Aguahara training the aquaharistas learning motion sequences for more than three hours of continuous work already. Which of these movements will find its way into the session is individually for each session.
If you as receiver have special wishes, for example to go under water a lot, or do not go under water or if you are not able to do special movements because of certain physical limitations, talk with the Aguaharista before the session; your requests will be considered.