Aguahara origin

Origen/ History :
Aguahara was born out of the realization that there is so far no wide approach which puts all the aspects of the water into connection with each other (science, treatments, energy/vibration, memory,……..) .

Since 2009 Alexander Siebenstern is sharing his investigation with a growing number of students, always staying a student and curious investigator himself.
Since 2011 he uses the word and symbol AGUAHARA (Gracias Oscar Rojas) to give a name to this whole aquatic universe of investigation, exploration and sharing, creating a meaning and vibration to this new word for a new approach to this (new) world.

2 thoughts on “Aguahara origin”

  1. Gracias , inmensamente agradecida.. No puedo describir con palabras todo lo que eres capaz de sentir, de soltar y de sanar , hay que vivirlo…!! Mi primera experiencia con aguahara …. Y con muchísimas ganas de que llegue la próxima.

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