Aguahara is …

… a method to move people in the water so that they can relax very soon
… the perfect movement of the elements in motion
… the dance of the receiver, the giver and all around both

Aguahara is a method of aquatic bodywork. It was founded by Alexander Siebenstern. He practices and teaches it mainly in South and Central America (Brazil, Mexico), in Europe on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Trained Aguahara givers are called Aguaharistas.

Aguahara is an interplay of attention to the body and mind of the recipient, to the play of the elements, the physical powers of giver and water, the experiences stored in the body, and the willingness to engage in what is happening at the moment.


Floating in the water brings the recipient back into the experiential spaces of childhood, the prenatal phase, when everything took place at a different speed; the sense of time changes, deep security and freedom in the hovering. Aguahara can also be used simply as a wonderful relaxation method … in any case a profound unforgettable experience.

Aguahara is NOT a sexual encounter. Even if the experiences for the recipient can go very deep, the givers always remain in a respectful and integrating way with their attentive touch.

Aguahara takes place dressed as the receivers wish.

Aguahara knows certain “figures”, but no fixed sequence of a session (treatment). The characters are taught to the Aguaharistas, which is about the complex interaction of forces and body mechanics in the water – and the love with which this work can be done with joy.

Aguahara is suitable for people of all ages. Water solves many previous issues. In the water movements are possible, which activates body regions in their three-dimensionality, which were not addressed for a long time. Aguaharaistas are trained to accompany people who are careful with water. With compassionate accompaniment even dealing with traumatizing experiences is possible.

Even if the external appearance can only convey the inner experience to a limited extent, you can use these videos to get a first impression of an Aguahara session. However, you can experience this only on site in the water.
Vereinbaren Sie dazu einen Termin mit einem Aguahara-Praktizierenden (Aguaharista) in ihrer Gegend.

Practicioneer: Ramos Strzygowski

Practicioneer: Susana Rodriguez

Practicioneer: Miguel Burkart Noe

Practicioneer: Vale Vida

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