Aguahara Classes: Basic Training Level II or III

Intensive Training to work with Aquatic Partnerwork and become a Aguaharista in two or 3 weeks!

Aguahara is a holistic art that created through the experiences of Alexander Siebenstern of different aquatic partner-work techniques (Janzu, Watsu, HealingDance, WaterDance), enriched with movements of Thai massage. Aguahara is not just a technique but creating a space of trust without judgment or expectations, simply being in a flow of intuition in that very moment.

Each participant in the course will become familiar with the element water, to move and be moved by it, to feel the flow and interact with the different conditions which we can find (salt / freshwater pool, waves, temperature). You will learn to move a person in the water and notice how the whole nervous system comes to a deep relaxation. While the body is moved and stretched muscle tension can be solved and the body gains in mobility. When one surrenders and trusts, also the mind relaxes and meditative states of consciousness can be achieved. Not only physical but also emotional and mental blockages can be solved and processed.

The idea of the Aguahara Basic Training is to provide the necessary tools (in the form of movements in the water and theoretical part) so that you can, thanks to your intuition, develop your own style.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the course as part of the community process, living together in the group, enjoying improvisations an dance in the water, Sharing circles, meditations, rituals and open spaces your own knowledge…
OR you can choose attending the classes only.

Aguahara III ~ Minimum 75 hours practice ~ August 9th-29th

Aguahara II ~ Minimum 50 hours practice ~ August 9th-22nd

Limited number of places.
Discount if you book before June 9th
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